World’s first
Tokenized Fund

Real-world assets meet on-chain securities, empowering investors
and businesses through the tokenization of finance.

Security Token

Discover the power of a tokenized fund
with a security token that provides
returns on investments.

A new era of financial services

Discover in 45s
Petale Invest offers a radically innovative and simplified investment experience.
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Leverage on a sustainable digital infrastructure to spend and pay around the world.
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Petale Tokenization is a way to get cash from your existing assets.
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Vortex Blockchain

Infrastructure for Real-World Assets

The Vortex is a decentralized settlement system for verified users to exchange tokenized real-world assets. It is designed to combine the power of both public and private networks, the Vortex is a revolutionary blockchain infrastructure for a new finance.

Petale Cards

Premium Real-World Assets

Petale Cards are Micro-DAOs that redefine asset management through a simple and gamified experience. For the first time, it possible to create tokenized real-world assets and attach any digital services in a very simple way. Available on the Petale App.

The best App for Asset Management

Redefining asset management with a simple and intuitive user experience.

The most simple and groundbreaking experience of investment and portfolio diversification. In just a few clicks, you can invest and own grand-master paintings, or one of the latest and energy efficient real-estate buildings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get in touch with us and discover the power certified tokenizations

What is Petale’s vision?

Our vision is to allow investments to flow into the economy at the speed of the internet, by launching the first regulated platform of its kind that simplifies the investment experience for all.

What does Petale offer?

Petale is a global financial technology company that allows you to invest, pay, certify and tokenize assets. Through our tokenized investment funds, we offer exclusive experiences with some of the most exceptional assets and investment products.

Is Petale taking the compliant approach?

Yes. Petale has created a digital financial infrastructure that meets the standards of financial regulation. Fueling the next era of financial innovation and asset management.

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