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Asset Management




Petale is a Metaverse Economy and next-generation Fintech platform to invest, pay, certify, and tokenize assets.

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Online Payment

Universal E-Wallet to link your Bank, Crypto, and Investment Accounts

No need to switch between financial apps. With our e-wallet, connect all your accounts to aggregate your financial assets. With Petale, you can:

icnon payement
Access to a bank account
icon chart
Manage your asset portfolio
icon wallet
Connect your favorites crypto-wallets

Send and receive money and cryptos every day on an app that facilitates transfers

Manage all your transactions in one place. Download our all-in-one payment app and discover how we offer new ways to send and receive money and cryptos. We provide both a traditional and virtual card to facilitate payments using the account of your choice with instant transfers anywhere in Europe.
With a few clicks, you can:

icon identify
Make transactions from multiple accounts
icnon payement
Instant money transfer anywhere in Europe
inco f a card
Access virtual and physical cards

Digital Investment Fund

Invest in a portfolio of digital assets in a secure blockchain environment.

Invest in Fractional Assets


Don’t have sufficient capital for 100% ownership?

Split the price of an asset with other shareholders by investing in fractional ownership today. With lower cost-of-entry and time commitment, invest in your favorite physical assets with the world’s first tokenized investment fund.

Real estate, art & luxury, companies, finance, NFT’s and many others products are now available for all investor profiles !

Invest in tokenized funds

Invest in the real economy and program your yield. Our funds simplify investing by making thematic funds accessible to everyone to provide meaningful investments.



The Petale Token

performance generated
33 000€ 
graph  info graphic
Smart dividend : 10%
Invested amount
30 000€

* Performance may vary based on regulation, jurisdiction and is based on hypothetical annual returns. All investments carry a risk of capital loss.

* Performance may vary based on regulation, jurisdiction and is based on hypothetical annual returns. All investments carry a risk of capital loss.

Petale Token – The Ultimate Tool for Automated Income

Put your savings  to work and discover all the benefits of investing in the Petale Token. This powerful digital asset allows you to generate dividends automatically. You can turn your savings into smart investments by accessing many exclusive services in the Web3 universe.

Annual returns :

Token XPTL


S&P 500


Livret A


icon diamont
Access to exclusive services
candle stick icon
Shared performance with the investment fund
icon download
Receive smart-dividends


Leverage the power of the third generation of internet services and our intelligent, data-driven fintech solutions.

Tokenize Assets and Investment Projects

Transpose of your physical and digital assets through tokenization. By dividing your assets into several token-based shares, you can take advantage of this innovative solution and generate profitable returns.

real estate investment icon
Digitalize and monetize your heritage
investement gold icon
Split your physical and digital assets
candle stick chart icon
Generate yields

A Unique Hybrid Crypto Wallet

Enter at the center of the Web3 and blockchain universe by taking advantage of our unique hybrid crypto-wallet. This wallet centralizes all your digital assets into one application. You can invest in a variety of investment products right away. Convert your Bitcoin, Solana, or Ether into Petale or Euro at the best rates and get the early bird advantage of investing in this growing industry.

etherium icon
Hold all your digital assets in a single app
NFC icon
Exchange your crypto-assets with Fiat currencies at competitive exchange rates

Our Strategic Board

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Pr. Christian de Boissieu

Advisory Board Member
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Dr. Pascal Lorot

Advisory Board Member
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Angélique Gérard

Advisory Board Member
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Gwenaëlle Avice Huet

Advisory Board Member
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Kevin Polizzi

Advisory Board Member
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Florence Tondu-Mélique

Advisory Board Member

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