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Petale Invest offers a radically innovative and simplified investment experience. 

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A new era of financial services

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Power the Economy
Directly contribute to the financing of the Economy with a new kind of digital token that provides direct liquidity to entrepreneurs and companies that create value. The XPTL token takes care of rewarding its holders with value produced by its investment fund.
Make an impact
Know where you invest, and create impact. Transparency and traceability of our tokenized investment products enable an era of impactful and meaningful investments.
Program your returns
Program your returns based on your needs thanks to smart-contracts. Select investment plans based on your personal preferences and start earning immediately.

Fueling the Real Economy 

Provide Liquidity to the Economy

Leveraging the power of digital liquidity to invest in the real economy through tokenized assets. By lowering the cost and barrier to entry of investing in assets, we facilitate through technology the investor journey into investing in the real economy. 

Real-asset based Yield

Grow your portfolio by directing your digital investments towards a sector, industry or company you are passionate about. Whether you're looking to invest in aerospace or agriculture, Petale is the best place to generate returns by investing in real-world assets.

Enhanced transparency

Petale is a digital investment company that aims to contribute to the global blockchain adoption through enhanced transparency. The Vortex blockchain provides full transparency, enabling an end-to-end auditing and reporting trail.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a fractional investment?

Fractional investments offer a percentage ownership in an asset. Fractional ownership shares in the asset are sold to individual shareholders who share the benefits of the asset such as usage rights, income sharing, priority access, and reduced rates. The usage benefits that the fractional owners receive are comparable to those of timeshare owners.
Fractional assets are a new kind of investment in which you can buy/own a part of an asset to diversify your portfolio and access to exclusive and prestigious assets. This is a way to democratize investments and financial inclusion.

How are the investment products sourced?

At Petale, our products are carefully selected and vetted to offer you a range of secure and regulated financial assets. Tokenized assets within Petale are subject to identity verification in accordance with applicable financial regulatory requirements.

What areas of investment does Petale offer?

Petale offers a huge range of investments to diversify your portfolio. Explore and invest in real estate, equities, art, luxury and more, and grow your portfolio.