Addressing the tokenization of finance

November 21, 2022

Petale believes in the tokenization of finance as being the key to powering economic stimulus in the real economy and building economic models that serve our societies. Petale is committed towards a new generation of powerful and efficient financial services, opening-up investment opportunities in more than 99% of unlisted assets and companies.

  • First, it provides a way to fractionalize real-world assets, and gives access to precise investments and portfolio management while lowering the cost entry barrier for onboarding global investors. 
  • Second, by bringing liquidity to illiquid assets and stimulating investment through transparent, fast, low-cost technologies that facilitate wealth transfers and financial inclusion. 
  • Third and finally, tokenization of finance implies blockchain-based digital twins of real assets, paving the way for the metaverse.

What about the crypto market ? 

Retail and institutional investors are increasingly looking to the future and how technology can be applied to their portfolio, business, and operations. Over the past 10 years, blockchain technologies have introduced a paradigm shift in which consumers and investors become guardians of their data, assets and provide augmented digital property rights. These innovations have gone through different innovation cycles : 

We’re now entering into the 4th phase; the tokenization of finance. This stage represents a market opportunity of over $16Trillions US Dollars1. Yet, most current infrastructures don’t structurally address how the tokenization of finance can efficiently take place at-scale. 

We believe that tokenization of finance can only take place with a convergence of selected tokenized real-world assets (RWAs) brough on-chain, trusted and verified and innovative decentralized finance (DeFi) mechanisms that comply with the financial industry standards. And that’s what we’re addressing at Petale, with the Vortex. 

A blockchain for tokenizing real-world assets

Petale’s Vortex is a new generation cross-border settlement system designed for tokenized assets and securities. It relies on its decentralized ledger technology settlement system (DLTSS) and connects verified investors and assets through a performing, energy efficient, and decentralized blockchain infrastructure. 

The Vortex enables users to interact with a network of economic agents and financial services, increasing the potential for international trade flows and cross-border investments at scale. The Vortex is the best fitted blockchain for tokenized assets. It was designed and built by Petale to store digital and physical assets from its ecosystem. Founded with the objective to ally the benefits of public networks (open register and ascertainable) and the power of private networks (speed and scalability), the Vortex can handle up to 50 Millions transactions (tx) per day positioning it as the leading blockchain for tokenized assets.

What’s next ? 

This blogpost is a very short summary of what Petale’s Vortex has to offer. From today, we will be sharing insights on the tokenization of finance and will soon reveal our whitepaper that includes much more data. To make sure you don’t miss it, follow-us on social medias : 

1 Source : BGC, Tokenization of global illiquid assets estimated to be a $16 Trillion business opportunity by 2030

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