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Learn about digital certification and tokenization

Pierre Hoffman

What is blockchain certification?

Each document or asset can be immutably certified using a unique digital identifier that is secured on a blockchain network. This resilient and decentralized infrastructure is built to ensure trust and transparency by improving the traceability of data shared within a network of users.

The issuance of digital certificates on a blockchain enables the creation of a digital twin of a real asset whose origin, immutability, and integrity can be instantly verified online.

Now, what’s tokenization?

Tokenization is the splitting of real or digital assets into tokens. While the initial use of blockchain lies in the creation and exchange of crypto-currencies, these tokens can also correspond to securities, shares of real estate, art, and more.

The process of asset transformation, more commonly known as “tokenization”, can be applied to real or digital assets and allows for the integration of property rights in the form of digital assets (tokens). For each asset class, the act of tokenization improves the efficiency and fluidity of the market, on the one hand by providing transparency of movements but also with 24/7 access to investors who ensure liquidity on the platform.

How does Petale approach digital certification and tokenization?

With Cards, Petale offers the ability to provide digital registration, certification and tokenization of assets on a blockchain to immutably record and exchange any type of asset within the Petale network.

As such, the cards can be seen as digital passports representing a copy of real-world assets such as real estate, art and luxury coins, but also equity and governance rights.

Once certified, the assets can then be tokenized and made available to a wider range of users and investors. This mechanism facilitates access to liquidity for assets that are typically less liquid or illiquid, while democratizing flexible asset management with an in-app experience.

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