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Invest in
the Art Market

The art market is a market that is driven by passion. It sometimes combines history, culture and sometimes even betting on their future value. This market, uncorrelated to the various financial and crypto-asset markets, remains outside of time, and immune to the macro-economic environment.

With Petale, opt for art investment products and funds, to diversify your wealth with exceptional assets.

Choose passion:

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More than an asset, look for emotion
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Emerge new artists
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Access fragments of historical works
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Join a community of digital artists
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Invest in Contemporary
and Modern Art

The exponential growth of the Internet combined with the emergence of social networks has enabled thousands of well-known and aspiring artists to showcase their talent and works to an ever-growing audience. With Petale, invest in a wide variety of modern and contemporary artworks

Own Part of an Art Piece
with Fractional Assets

Have you always dreamed of owning a painting by a great master like Picasso? With Petale, it's possible thanks to a community of investors. Split investment allows investors to acquire a percentage of a work and have shared ownership.

Whether you have a modest budget or a passion for emotion, invest in art and diversify your portfolio with fragments of works

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Buy multiple art fragments to diversify your portfolio
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Discover the latest art investment funds
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Share the emotion with your friends
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Generate returns from growing artists.


How to invest in artwork?

The best way to invest in an artwork is by opting for an alternative investment App like Petale. By becoming a part of the Petale metaverse, you can explore thousands of artworks from both famous and up-and-coming artists, and invest in them using Petale’s dedicated art investment platform.

Why invest in artwork?

Compared to stocks, real estate, and bonds, the floor prices of artwork is relatively stable. More importantly, it is both a tangible and intangible asset that can accrue in value quickly, depending on the artist’s popularity and work quality