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Invest in
Company Shares

To help entrepreneurs to boost their business, we enable Petale users to invest in development projects within several industries, whether it is in the circular economy, the aerospace industry, in start-ups and much more.

By disintermediating the funding channels, and putting funding projects on blockchain, we facilitate access to liquidity for projects seeking funds that are looking for investments by a
community of digital investors.

Fractional investments in companies:

For Petale users, it is a unique way to take part in a community and growth of carefully selected projects.

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Support companies and projects that are close to your heart
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Discover some of the most innovative projects on the market
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Be part of a community motivated by the company's success
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Be a pioneer in a new mechanism for financing the economy

Invest in Fast-Growing Companies and Startups

All of the largest multi-billion dollar companies started from the bottom. We offer start-ups the opportunity to be connected to a blockchain network of investors that can help accelerate their growth and become the unicorns of tomorrow.

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Let’s check out the main benefits of investing in fast-growing companies and startups:

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Access unique opportunities to invest in the economy
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Benefit from a minimal cost of entry thanks to the blockchain
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Diversify your investment portfolio by helping entrepreneurs
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Access fast-growing and promising unlisted companies

Capitalize On Companies that are Not Listed On the Stock Market

There are thousands of renowned unlisted companies, including consulting firms, industrial companies or even medical companies. With Petale, we make unlisted companies available to a global ecosystem. Invest in private companies and finance the economy by providing cash to entrepreneurs with a long-term vision and higher risk, higher return investment.

Support the Real Economy and Generate Performance

Become a part of the real economy by joining the Petale metaverse and kick start your investment journey. Many great companies are choosing to stay private, so they can choose their investors and manage their business on their terms.

You could be one of those investors looking to avoid the stress and anxiety of stock trading and stick to more manageable and potentially more profitable investments.


How to buy shares in a company?

You can easily buy shares in a company with the Petale App that connects companies and investors. With Petale, you invest directly in the companies you're interested in through tokenization and instant transactions available from our hybrid crypto wallet.

What are the advantages of having a share in a company?

By investing in companies through Petale, you enable entrepreneurs to benefit from quick access to cash through digital tokens, and participate in the real economy. Depending on the performance of the company you invest in, you can quickly grow your initial portfolio and earn dividends.