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Fractional Investments

Looking to invest in properties and digital assets without putting all your eggs in one basket? Discover the power of fractional ownership and invest in percentage shares of multiple properties, digital collectibles, and financial products to expand your investment portfolio without huge upfront capital.

Download the Petale asset and wealth management app today and explore a vast range of investment opportunities in multiple sectors and with products

Check out some of the key benefits of fractional ownership:

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Low acquisition costs compared to owning 100% of an asset
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Lower operating, maintenance, and security costs due to shared accountability
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Cost-effective investment diversification for risk reduction
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Suitable for investors with modest budgets to own properties and digital assets

Discover All Fractionnal Investments

Fractional investments open the door to a new generation of
finance. By owning portion of assets, you access much more.

Invest in Shares of Art Pieces

Access to great works of art is complex, and traditionally a difficult market to access. It is valued at over €61 billion and has thousands of investors looking for renowned pieces or new talent.

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Access historical collections
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in unique works
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Create, tokenise and invest in thousands of works

Invest in Company Shares

Invest in companies with high growth potential by participating in decentralized fundraising. Using the Petale hybrid crypto wallet, you can connect your bank and crypto asset accounts. Feel free to use the account of your choice to invest in a company and enjoy an attractive return in the future.

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Bring sense to your investment by funding your favorite companies
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Benefit from returns based on real activities
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Benefit from better liquidity compared to traditional assets
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Earn rewards in Petale token

Invest in Real Estate Shares

Investing in real estate usually requires a lot of upfront capital compared to other financial assets. By opting for real estate fractional assets, you can easily access exceptional properties and benefit from a percentage of the property and generate passive income or capital gains on a future sale.

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Invest in real estate with no entry barrier
icon localisation
Invest in multiple properties to diversify your property portfolio.
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Share costs and profits with other investors

Invest in Shares of Financial Products

Using the innovative Petale solution, you can invest in a wide variety of financial products to increase your wealth, diversify your asset portfolio and achieve your financial goals.
We support several types of products:

ETF icon
location icon
icnon payement
Banking products
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Invest in Shares of NFT

Non-fungible tokens or NFTs have taken the crypto-asset market by storm by allowing investors to fully or partially own a single object with title. With Petale Wallet, you can create, buy, sell and trade multiple NFTs efficiently.
Create and monetize your NFTs:

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Digital avatars & collections
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Digital artwork & Video games
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Music & Video clips
icon event investement
Event tickets &  domain names


What is a fractional share?

A fractional share can be defined as partial or percentage ownership of a tangible or intangible asset, such as real estate, stocks, artwork, and NFTs.

 How to buy fractional shares?

To buy a fractional share, you need to opt for a fractional investment service like Petale to get access to an app or wallet where you can find companies, real estate properties, and NFTs to invest in for a specified percentage ownership.

Why split stocks?

There are many benefits of splitting stocks. From a financial viewpoint, split stocks is more affordable and allow investors with modest budgets to have a stake in companies. By splitting the stock, you’re also splitting the acquisition cost other shareholders.