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Petale App
to invest in NFTs

Are you ready to take your crypto investments to the next level by going down the NFT rabbit hole? You’re on the right path as non-fungible tokens have been cutting through the digital noise and taking the crypto market by storm. These digital data units allow users to tokenize their real-world and digital assets and exchange them for cash, other NFTs, or cash equivalent products.

Petale is one of the emerging players in the metaverse. It aims to democratize blockchain and allow everyone to invest in these lucrative assets.

Using the Petale app, you can create, collect, and trade NFTs on a privacy-focused solution to better control and protect what you own.

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NFTs allows you to own assets and access communities
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It allows physical items like real estate and art to be digitized, increasing their liquidity
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The most popular NFTs sell for millions of euros
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More investors are opting for NFTs to secure their assets in blockchains

Easily buy and sell NFTs

While NFTs are undoubtedly becoming popular across the crypto-verse, the process of buying and selling NFTs remains rather peculiar, especially for those new to the trade.

So, if you’re looking for a simplified way to get in on the action, become a part of the Petale metaverse and enjoy a host of other benefits, including:

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A powerful hybrid crypto wallet to hold your bank accounts, cryptos, and fractional assets, including NFTs you co-own with others

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Instant transfers across SEPA nations. You can also buy NFTs using the Petale Token and enjoy a 1:1 exchange ratio with the Euro

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Developing a digital generation of crypto-asset investments

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A smooth, detailed
interface with advanced performance and spending analytics to help track and monitor your assets

Secure app for your NFTs

Petale combines the power of cryptography (blockchain) with AI, machine learning, and the latest encryption technologies to secure your NFTs. Therefore, you can rest assured that your crypto wallet and NFTs are protected by multiple security layers. We also offer virtual cards for preset transactions to further secure NFT transactions and transfers on the platform.

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Invest in Non-Fungible Tokens

So, what are you waiting for? Grab yourself a piece of NFT pie on Petale’s growing metaverse and create a stunning digital collection containing your real-world and digital assets, all in one place.

Whether you enjoy fine art or investing in real estate, there’s no shortage of assets you can tokenize and stake to grow your yield.

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Contribute to the digital economy by fostering marketplace efficiency using NFTs
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Streamline transactions and transfers by converting physical assets to secure digital assets
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Fractionalize ownership of multiple digital assets while securing them in an unpenetrable data unit
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Improve the liquidity of highly illiquid assets, such as real estate, and optimize trade
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Enhance your investment portfolio with cryptos, NFTs, and other fractional assets for better diversification


What is NFT?

A non-fungible token (NFT) is a highly secure crypto asset stored on a blockchain. This non-interchangeable data unit is used to represent real-world and digital assets that can be sold and traded on a secure network like Petale.

How to invest in NFTs?

To invest in NFTs, you need to register for a platform that offers this unique crypto asset. For instance, when you download the Petale app, you can tokenize your assets, including artwork, music, videos, digital avatars, property titles, etc.

How does an NFT increase in value?

Just like any other financial asset, an NFT is valued based on the credibility or importance of the data it holds. For instance, if you buy a painting from an up-and-coming artist who becomes popular over time, the value of your painting would increase. The same applies to music, videos, game characters, and real estate.