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The best hybrid blockchain network for the digital economy

Petale’s Vortex Network offers individuals, asset managers and financial institutions a reliable solution for decentralized asset management. The Vortex network is built on a private-public architecture to leverage the best of blockchain and cloud technologies to provide new generation financial services.

Vortex core features:

Low energy
Decentralized and transparent network
Security & privacy
On-chain payments
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Multi-asset transfers
& interoperability
Fast and scalable architecture

What is the vortex?

The Vortex is Petale's decentralized ledger. It is based on blockchain technology and ERC standards allowing all types of transactions to be settled in seconds within a network of verified investors.

Our blockchain enables transfers of cash and assets in a few seconds without needing a central intermediary, making it a powerful instrument in bridging the physical and the digital economy.

Network deployment:

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Confirmation time <10s
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Smart contracting
13 nodes across
multiple continents
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ERC-20, ERC-721,
ERC1400 standards

Instantly transfer assets and cash

The Vortex network is the first blockchain to enable on-chain transfers of physical, digital and fractional assets and cash across a decentralized network of trusted users. Every wallet on the Vortex has been verified through KYC authentication and open the door to a new kind of asset management:

image of a the curency Euro
Traditional Currencies
real estate investment icon
Traditional Assets
bitcoin icon
Digital Currencies & CBDCs
inage of a blockchain
Digital Assets
icon chart
Fractional Assets
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NFTs & Staking products

Speed and scalability

Transactions for moving currencies and assets across the Vortex takes <10 seconds. This speed outpaces most of current main blockchain networks:

Transaction Settlement Time

The shorter is the best

Petale   4 sec / 0.07 min

Ethereum   120+ sec / 2 min

Bitcoin   3 600+ sec / 60 min

Security and privacy

As millions of businesses go digital, there’s a need to enable secure and privacy-oriented solutions for a new digital economy. The Vortex is a resilient architecture that is resistant to cyber-attacks due to its decentralized nature. It also provides a high level of reliability as all users are identified and crypted to provide maximum privacy.

Nodes across
multiple continents
scale your money
Resilient and
scalable architecture
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On-chain transactions between verified accounts
2FA icon
Encrypted account
and username

A sustainable & eco-friendly blockchain network

The Vortex is designed with sustainability in mind, making it an inherently green blockchain infrastructure. All tokens on the network are already in existence, meaning no need for unsustainable energy consumption like mining or other practices that require additional energy required to produce tokens, unlike other blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

image petale block chain


What are the different blockchain networks?

There are many different blockchain networks in the world. The most famous are Bitcoin, Ethereum but newcomers like Solana, Avalanche, Luna or Cosmos are gaining popularity every day. Some new solutions like the Vortex Blockchain and the Token Petale guarantee you speed and security for all your transactions.

What is a blockchain network?

A blockchain network is a distributed and decentralized ledger. It’s a system in which a record of the transactions are maintained across several computers that are linked in a peer to peer network. The Vortex Blockchain is an innovative solution which guarantees you fast and secure transactions all around the world.

How is Vortex a sustainable blockchain ?

Petale is committed to a clean future by minimizing its impact on the environment. All Petale tokens were issued at the creation of the network. This way we can conduct near-instantaneous transactions without the massive energy costs associated with proof-of-work validations (or mining).