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Hybrid wallet
for a new finance

Looking for a smarter way to manage your daily payments and wealth portfolio? Try out Petale’s digital wallet designed to make instant transactions and a simple wealth management App that is easy, and secure. Our innovative end-to-end payment solution is the world’s first platform to hold digital and physical cash, crypto, and fractional investments all-in-one App.

Core features:

icon chart
Payment account
icon of a bank in white
Physical assets
icon of a puzzle
Fractionnal and digital assets
image of a lock
Secure online payments
icin stars
Instantaneous transfers
Crypto icon
Blockchain encryption

Instant transfer of physical and digital cash

With the steep rise in digital payment systems in the last decade, electronic wallet apps are dominating online payment. Our hybrid wallet can send and transfer physical and digital cash, with a transformative experience. The first hybrid wallet to offer instant physical and digital payments:

Create your own wallet and access:

icon identify
A customizable
profile and avatar
finality in seconds
digital cash icon
Physical and digital cash transfers
ship investment icon
Military grade security and privacy
flash icon
On-chain transactions 24/7

Secure mobile wallet to store your portfolio

The Petale digital wallet is the best place to store your cryptos in a mobile wallet. Our App offers an all-in-one solution for storing traditional and crypto assets, including NFTs and real asset titles, compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

Here’s why you should store your portfolio in a secure mobile wallet:

icon wallet
Data stored in Petale wallet
security investment icon
Protected using powerful encryption
2FA icon
2FA multi-factor authentication
flash icon
Make instant transfers and investments
NFC icon
Go contactless and save time and effort

Global asset management App

As millions of transactions go digital, there’s a need to enable fast and simple asset management. The Petale hybrid wallet places all your accounts and physical and digital assets to your fingertips, enabling almost instant transactions.

Whether you’re paying daily, a crypto trader, or investing in fractional real-estate, Petale offers a great alternative to combine all asset and payment solutions with advanced asset management functionality.

real estate investment icon
Traditional and digital finance on the blockchain
eyes icon
Transparent transfers
flash icon
24/7 transactions
2FA icon
Financial KYC & AML compliance industry-standards

Enhanced Security With KYC
and Identity Verification

Petale takes great pride in facilitating secure transactions and asset management. One of the key components of our enhanced security is KYC identity verification. This plays a crucial role in risk assessment when granting access to our services and token.

AML icon
Enhanced protection and anti-money laundering
flash icon
Faster risk assessment
Safer investment processing
list icon
Optimized transaction monitoring and customer screening


How to create an electronic wallet?

To create a Petale electronic wallet, visit the official site and request an invite to download the application. Once downloaded, input your details, set a pin, link your bank, crypto, and investment accounts, and get started.

How does an eWallet works?

An eWallet is a secure money and digital asset management app that links your financial accounts into one centralized platform to facilitate transactions and wealth management from a single source. Transfers are immediate, convenient, and secure.

How do you recharge your electronic wallet?

Electronic wallets are pre-paid or pay-as-you-go apps you can recharge with your crypto or bank account through exchanges.