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The Best App for Online Payments
and Wealth Management

Petale is an all-in-one Fintech solution designed to facilitate seamless online payments, investments, and wealth management. By leveraging the power of blockchain and AI technologies, the platform aims to democratize investment and lower the entry barriers to investment in the economy.

Connect Your Petale Bank Account With Your Crypto-Assets and Fractional Investments

Wealth management doesn’t have to be complex. Gain total control of your financial assets by connecting your Petale bank account with your crypto-assets and fractional investments. We make investing and money management effortless, diversified, and unified.

Request an invite to our digital investment services and diversify your portfolio with more transparent and sustainable financial management:

icon wallet
Buy, sell, and hold all your digital assets in one place
investement dashboard
Low trading fee
flash icon
Blazing fast transactions, transfers, and settlements
direct financing icon
Directed financing
layer icon
High liquidity on fractional investments
sustainable icon
Sustainable finance
graphic vault

Manage Your Budget

Say goodbye to all your other financial Apps. We facilitate asset management by combining bank account, crypto assets, and fractional investments into a single platform built to optimize your budget and investments

pie chart icon white
Simple budget management
to suit your investment needs
icon time white
Real-time performance, habit, and progress tracking
eye icon
Budget segmentation for
more financial clarity and control
icon chart
Enhanced accountability with transaction updates

Make Mobile Payments With Your e-Wallet

Looking for an e-Wallet to manage all your financial transactions? Download the Petale e-Wallet app and enjoy a holistic financial experience by connecting all your assets – crypto, cash, and fractional investments – to make mobile payments anytime, anywhere. We serve clients in a wide range of industries, including space, technology, sports, finance, real estate, art & luxury, and more.

With the business world rapidly transitioning online, digital payments are the future of transactions. Try out our e-Wallet and optimize your shopping, investing, and trading experience:

layer icon
Simple budget management to suit your investment needs
icon wallet
Optimized E-Wallet management and its intuitive dashboard
investement dashboard
Simple, fast, and secure transactions
online investement
24/7 accessibility from any location

Generate Virtual Cards

So, you’ve connected all your real and digital assets into the Petale App? Go one step further by creating, collecting, and trading Petale cards via the app. Our virtual and physical cards provide the best of both worlds in payment infrastructures. Our monetized cards also allow you to get cash for your physical and digital assets, including cash, real estate, crypto, and NFTs.

investement dashboard
Quick and easy payments
NFC icon
Contactless payment experience
list icon
Time-stamp, record, and store your assets and property titles


How to manage your accounts easily?

Petale offers the best App to manage your assets and bank account with a simple experience and a smooth interface to make managing your accounts easy. We support both bank accounts, cryptos, but also physical and digital assets in tokenized form (and NFTs). Analyze in real time your expenses, transactions and simply plan your future investments

How to open a payment account online?

To open an account for asset management, visit Petale.com and request an invite to download the app to your mobile device. Once done, you can plan and organize your transactions and investments accordingly.

How to manage your expenses from your phone?

To manage your expenses from your phone, you can download the Petale e-Wallet and make real-time transactions and investments from your fingertips.