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Generate a Virtual Card to
Pay Anywhere

Take advantage of autonomy by instantly generating virtual cards for everyday spending. You keep control of your spending and can manage each card's limits in real time. These virtual cards can be used anywhere with Apple Pay and Google Pay.

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Go contactless and pay without having to insert your physical card
image of a lock
Block and unblock your card in seconds
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Set your spending limits to always stay in control of your finances
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Benefit from secure online payments technologies

Secure Your Online Purchases

Leverage the true power of blockchain juiced up with AI, ML, and other technologies to optimize security when making online purchases. Since virtual cards allow users to pre-set amount limits, the remaining amount remains inaccessible even if there’s a breach. Secondly, your Petale virtual card is protected by unique 16-digit numbers for each payment, so you can secure every future transaction.

Single-Use Card Numbers

Looking for ways to take security to the next level? Opt for single-use Petale card numbers and discard them as soon as you make a purchase. With single-use Petale numbers, you keep your digital assets and investments secure and block unauthorized access by virtually locking the front door, throwing away the only key, and making a new one every time you want to make a transaction.

In a world with increasing Cybersecurity threats, virtual cards remain one of the most effective solutions to prevent cybercriminals from gaining access to your financial accounts. Whether you’re a digital nomad or an IT professional, you can add another protection layer for your crypto, cash, and fractional investments to maximize security while enjoying several other benefits..

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Individualize your spending
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Better tracking and asset management
icon chart
Set spending limits to improve budget management


How to get a virtual bank card?

To get a virtual bank card, sign-up to Petale. Once you connected your bank, crypto, and investment accounts to the platform, you can create, collect, and pay with cards according to your needs.

How does a virtual card works ?

A virtual card is similar to traditional debit cards. The key difference is that it’s not a physical card and can only be accessed through a mobile payment app like Petale. Unlike traditional cards, virtual cards can be pre-set to contain a certain amount of cash or cash equivalent assets like crypto coins. When you use a virtual card, it generates a random card number with a specified expiry date, making it more secure than its counterpart.

What is a virtual account?

A virtual account is like a financial reporting tool or a ledger account linked with bank, crypto, or investment accounts to serve as a master account for all financial activities.