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Tokenized treasury management

XPTL token in Corporate Treasury Management

XPTL token can increase the performance of corporate cash management by providing automated dividends. It also provides a more streamlined and cost-effective way to process payments, manage cash and liquidity for businesses.

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Petale Invest offers a radically innovative and simplified investment experience. By relying on the smart-contracting and disintermediation features of blockchain technology, Petale Invest enables investors to earn more while fueling the real Economy in just a few clicks.


With Petale Pay, spend and pay around the world with your mobile phone or credit card. Petale provides easy, green and low-cost instant payments services. On top of traditional payments, you can use Petale Pay with the XPTL token to access exclusive services.


Petale Tokenization allows you to get cash from your existing assets. How ? It's simple. We first certify the authenticity of your asset, then create its corresponding NFT Card. This new certified card can then be split into digital ownership shares, and allow you to trade, earn and get cash from your existing assets.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is Petale audited?

Yes. XPTL is issued by Petale Group, and backed by investments and reserve assets. The token is redeemable on a 1:1 basis for Euros and audited by one of the top audit firms worldwide.

How are XPTL dividends generated?

Companies with XPTL tokens can earn dividends by turning their reserves into digital assets. This cash is used to invest in the economy and provide capital to institutional organizations seeking to fund projects in exchange for financial performance.

Who are Petale’s business clients?

Petale's business clients are investors, corporations, banks and other types of financial institutions looking for new investment channels designed for efficiency and performance.