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Receive 100 Euros
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As soon as you register, your account will be eligible for the welcome offer of €100 in XPTL tokens to invest in tokenized products from the Petale App.  To get the 100XPTL, you will need to :

   · Download the App and verify your identity
   · Credit your account with a minimum of €20
   · Refer 3 friends whose identity will be verified

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The Community Founder Card offers you access to a private Discord and exclusive benefits. Get access to products and services in advance! This card is a real asset to start building your tokenised portfolio.

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You are among the first to join the Petale ecosystem. Therefore, we would like to offer all our members who sign up early a limited edition badge. With this Founding Member badge on your profile, other users will know that you are an OG Community Member. Your tokenized products will be easily recognizable, and you will benefit from additional customization options.

Discover the Vortex

The vortex is the Petale blockchain that allows real assets to be transposed into the digital economy, and vice versa.



Some recurring questions

How do I get the 100€ free ?

To obtain the €100 offered in XPTL tokens that can be used to invest in tokenised products, the user will have to verify their account, credit their card with at least €20, and invite three friends whose identity will be verified.

Until when is the Community Founder offer valid ?

The Community Founder promotional offer is valid from 03/05/2022 until the official release date of the Petale application.

When will the Petale App be released ?

The application is currently in Beta and will soon be available to the general public. To be informed of its release, subscribe to our newsletter.