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Earn, Pay and Invest
with Petale Token

Invest in the latest digital currency, the Petale Token, and facilitate your digital purchases from an all-in-one hybrid crypto wallet. Petale is the world’s first crypto token to be backed by a treasury mirroring FIAT currencies and assets.

Key features of the most innovative
investment Token

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Stable asset based on Euros and crystallised investments

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Access to unique products and investment opportunities

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A yield of 10% per year (*) on your XPTL tokens

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Access to an ecosystem of investors committed to new generation finance

Generate Yield from Your Investments

Petale token generates yield based on your investments. How ? We took an hybrid approach between
traditional finance (TradFi) and decentralized finance (DeFi).

performance generated
33 000€ 
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Smart dividend : 10%
Invested amount
30 000€

* Performance may vary based on regulation, jurisdiction and is based on hypothetical annual returns. All investments carry a risk of capital loss.

* Performance may vary based on regulation, jurisdiction and is based on hypothetical annual returns. All investments carry a risk of capital loss.

In traditional finance (TradFi), your investments are usually set in paper contracts and take time to be executed, but generally provide a high level of guarantee. On the other side, decentralized finance (DeFi) has seen yield farming becoming amongst the most popular investment strategies in the crypto-market, with high-yields yet high risks. The Petale token generates some smart-dividends released over time. This performance is shared from Petale’s investments in tokenized products, to its token holders with a collective intelligence model based.

We have built this novel economic model at the crossroads of TradFi and DeFi with a decentralized infrastructure as well as a high-level of guarantee based on real economic investments.

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Average yield of 10%
per year
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Generating performance
based on real investments

Rely on a Powerful and Transparent Token

Petale takes a regulated approach on its crypto-asset by becoming a regulated provider and to play a role in the global adoption of blockchain.

This powerful digital token requires know your customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) verification for Petale to understand its customers and their financial dealings. Using your ID, license, passport, and/or biometric verification, we can ensure a safer investment journey and prevent criminal activities using the Petale Token.

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Access to transparency reports

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In-App token management

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identity management

Secure Your Transactions with Petale token

Petale leverages the power of blockchain, artificial intelligence, machine learning, multi-factor authentication, and other technologies to secure its token transactions.

Each Petale wallet contains a unique, private key, which is verified with a public key from the other end of the transaction. From your powerful crypto wallet, you can also create virtual cards and pre-set transaction limits for each payment.  Furthermore, like every crypto asset, Petale is secured using the principles of cryptography, decentralization, and consensus.


How to invest in the Petale token?

To invest in the Petale token, you first have to download the Petale crypto wallet and go through the KYC procedure. Then, directly from the App, you can invest in the Petale token in fiat or crypto using our e-Wallet.

What is Petale's token value proposition?

The Petale token is a limit resource for investing in the Petale secondary market. Our token maintains a 1:1 ratio with the Euro until all tokens are sold. Once all the tokens are distributed, the price of the token could start to rise depending on the investment demands within the ecosystem.

How Petale secures its investor community?

Petale guarantees the security of its investors through KYC and AML mechanisms but also through blockchain technology combined with artificial intelligence. Petale also provides monthly audits and reports ensuring optimal transparency on the functioning of its token.